5 Reasons not to offer discounts

Rick Pontz2

Below is our latest Guest Blog from Rick Pontz, industry expert, veteran, and guru in all things lawn and garden. Learn from Rick some of the darks sides of of offering discounts: When we work with companies on strategies for growth one of the first things we do is develop a real-life business plan that […]

Nine Tips to Remember During a Trade Show


We’ve all been to industry events, and most of us have had success at them. But if you’re like me, you have walked away from at least one trade show and thought to yourself “I wish I would have done X, Y, and Z differently.” During the Spring, there are events approaching left and right. Here are my nine […]

3 key indicators rate higher than the iPhone 6


I’ve got a gut feeling about this. Go with your instinct. I feel good about this. If these phrases make you cringe, you’re not alone. Why trust your gut when you can calculate consumer habits using statistics, data analysis, and algorithms? Its scary how the ads on my computer are so aligned with what I […]

I wouldn’t if I were you.


We think our event is the real deal, but it’s not a fit for everyone. If you are trying to discern if you should attend NLGS or not, here are a few reasons to scratch us off the list. Your products do not fit the buying group. Trying to sell engine cleaner, fur coats, or microprocessors? […]

New Questions to Ask


Quality and impact: these are the big dogs of modern rising consumerism. Yet not too long ago, the questions were: What do people want or need? What is the going price for these items? How can I produce and sell the most of these items for the lowest price the fastest? Quality took a hit when […]

Is Bigger Better? Hoses, Fly Line, Zucchinis


  In this culture, it’s easy to assume bigger is better. More stores, increased territories, bigger catalogs, more staff, bigger buildings. But there is a problem when being the biggest is the end goal (well, there are a lot of problems with this…). One problem with quick growth is how easily it forces you to sacrifice […]

2015 Event Memories


The 2015 National Lawn & Garden Show was a huge success! More than anything else, Buyers walked away seeing new, quality, and unique products and Vendors walked away having met face to face with key decision making buyers of their choosing. Besides this, here are a few of the highlights that stick out to us […]

10 Tips from Bob


  We are two weeks away from the National Lawn & Garden Show. We had Rick Pontz give some great tips about the event and now we turn to the Founder and President of NLGS for his two cents. With the event fast approaching, this is a good checklist to be sure you are AT […]