“Estimated ROI of attending NLGS is $250,000-$400,000.” – Brandon Bickle, Canadian Tire

Why Attend NLGS as a Buyer?coffee-meeting-500px

  • Source new, unique, and quality product
  • *Airfare, registration, and meals paid for by NLGS
  • NO BOOTHS! Appointment based B2B event since 1995.
  • No long winded sales pitches – appointments are held to 10 minutes
  • See up to 100 companies in just 2 days
  • Save your feet! No need to walk miles of aisles.
  • Personal conference table; vendors come to you
  • Solidify relationship with current contacts at one location
  • Exclusive offsite party for buyers and sponsors

Buyer Attendee Program

Rather than a typical booth style show, NLGS presents buyers with signature pre-set, scheduled appointments. Picture speed dating for new products! While there is space at NLGS to preview new and unique  product in displays, the heart of the event is face to face appointments with  quality, qualified vendors.  Buyers select the products they wish to see, eliminating unnecessary appointments.  Vendors in turn bring the products to buyers at their private conference tables with personalized presentations. Our buyer attendee program includes:

  • Qualifying and scheduling of all appointments
  • Airfare reimbursement for 2 attendees, up to $400 each
  • Complimentary food & beverage
  • Access to all VIA events
  • Private conference table
  • Registration fee of $500 is waived for qualified buyers


 Still not sure?


NLGS is efficient, streamlined, and productive. Appointments are private, pre-scheduled, and strictly kept to 10 minutes. Every appointment is based upon product categories you would like to see. No pitches for illegitimate products, no hour long presentations and gimmicks. See up to 100 qualified, eager vendors at NLGS.


NLGS does not have a booth component. Rather than walking for miles on the show floor, buyers have their own conference table and vendors come to you.  Preview products the night before appointments begin in a casual atmosphere.


View products without Vendor interruptions or persuasions in our Point of Purchase Showcase; a quiet space to view products at a point of purchase level, with no salesman. The Prototype Showcase is similar, offering displays of up and coming products, while also allowing you to provide feedback and guide how exciting products hit the market.


The efficiency of appointments at NLGS is comparable to 3 weeks of in office appointment. Food, Registration, and Airfare* is paid for by NLGS. What is it worth to you to see up to 100 new products and vendors in controlled, scheduled appointments?  

*Buyers must qualify to attend event. Contact Us directly by phone, or by email.

“Much more intimate than other trade shows. You get more out of your time with the vendors without crowding or being rushed to see everyone at once. The potential to expand product offering is definitely there.– Sarah Depass, Stark Bro’s Nurseries and Orchards