Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any offsite activities?

You bet. Every year we head offsite for our VIA party where exclusive vendors and all buyers are invited to a fun and relaxing evening out on the town with dinner, drinks, and entertainment. Events have included ball games, lakeside restaurants, comedy clubs, and interactive museums. This is a favorite for many!

Can I change appointments after they have been set?

Once you receive your schedule, it is set. This means as long as you show up, there will be a qualified buyer waiting to see your product. You may request schedule changes through the mailbox system at the event. Please do not make changes unless you are in communication with those you are scheduled to meet with. The success of NLGS depends on attendees keeping to their appointments! NLGS is not responsible for missed or changed appointments after the schedule is set.

Can I have appointments longer than 10 minutes?

In order for us to help you see as many buyers as possible, we keep every scheduled appointment to 10 minutes. You will be reminded during each appointment when 1 minute remains. Bonus Time can be scheduled between Buyer and Vendor during your initial appointment. Bonus time can take place anytime as determined by each party, as long as it does not interfere with with other pre-scheduled appointments.

Can I only have appointments that are scheduled?

You can request additional appointments outside of the scheduling system by using our mail box system during the event. Requests can be made by either buyers or vendors.

Can vendors have appointments with different buyers at the same time?

You cannot meet with different buyers at the same time. However buyer companies can have multiple attendees, and each can have their own table and schedule.

How are appointments made?

NLGS makes all appointments through its proprietary scheduling system, which matches buyers and vendors based on product categories selected by each party.

How are products shown if there are no booths?

Vendors can display products in our Point of Purchase area (POP) and New Product/Prototype area. Buyers have access to this area throughout the event.

When do I get my final schedule?

NLGS prints your schedule and vendors receive it upon check in. Buyers receive it after they review the Point of Purchase (POP) and New Product/Prototype area the evening before the event begins, at the Opening Reception.

When do I need to register by?

Schedules are made in order of registration, so the sooner you register the higher priority your schedule is set. Deadline for registration is May 15.

Where are the appointments held?

Appointments take place at the buyer’s pre-assigned table in the hotel ballroom.

Who can I request appointments with?

Vendors select the buyers they would like to see based on the preliminary matches they receive by email about 25 days before the event.

Who has an appointment schedule?

Buyers have individual schedules. Vendor companies have one schedule.


Can I stand by my products in the Point of Purchase (POP) area?

Once you have set up your products in the POP area you do not have access to your display until the final day of the event and POP breakdown starts.

How long are the appointments?

The initial appointment is 10 minutes. Buyers may then schedule bonus time with you for later at the event, or, they may request meetings outside of NLGS for additional discussions.

How many Buyers can I see?

Most Vendors end up matching with or choosing to see at least 60% of the Buyers, so you can expect to have appointments with between 30-40 Buyers.

What happens after I check in?

Set up your Products in the POP and/or New Product Prototype area, and attend the Opening Reception the evening before appointments start.

What if a Buyer doesn’t want to see me?

Buyers do not have a choice as to who they see. They only select the product categories they want to see. Vendors then select buying companies with whom they match.

What kinds of buyers are going to be there?

Mid-tier buyers to include multi-unit independent garden centers, wholesale distributors, buying groups, e-commerce, catalog companies, regional discounters, and farm and ranch companies.

Where do I go when I do not have appointments?

There is a Vendor Break Area for vendors to use between appointments. Snacks, coffee, and ping pong are available throughout the day.

Why do I need to attend?

Not only will you see buyers you may not see at normal trade events, this is the only event in the industry where you have guaranteed face to face appointments with buyers.

Will you send me a list of the buyers?

You will receive a list of the buyers you matched with about 25 days out from the event


Can I meet with a vendor for longer than 10 minutes?

The initial meetings are 10 minutes but we do a great job of providing plenty of space for informal networking or conversation. You may also schedule additional bonus time during your 10 minute appointment.

How bad will my feet hurt by day 3?

They won’t. You aren’t walking miles of aisles at NLGS, so watch the brownie consumption during the event. Rather Buyers are assigned private conference areas and stay put for the duration of the event. The Vendors bring product to you.

How can I be sure I wont be trapped by a long winded vendor?

As a seasoned buyer, you can likely sum up product interest  in just a few minutes. The sales person leaves after the initial 10 minute qualifying appointment freeing you up to see even more vendors.

How do I control the products I want to see?

Appointments are prearranged basis on product category selections so unnecessary vendor presentations are eliminated as you see only the products of your choice.

How many Vendors attend?

There are typically between 120 and 140 vendors who attend. We work hard to make sure as many of vendors are new to you with products you have never seen before.

How much does it cost?

All of your appointments and all event programs including cocktails, an offsite party, and the majority of your meals are on us ($2,500 value). We even cover your flight out up to $400. All you need to consider is your hotel room.

I already see all these vendors on lists at other trade shows, why should I come?

Although many of NLGS vendors attend other booth style shows, there is a strong possibility you walked past their booth, didn’t meet with a decision maker, and/or did not get to see all of their product line.

What about meals?

We pick up the majority of your meals in intimate environments with other event attendees.

What type of products will I see?

Lawn and garden hard goods. Check out our Product Category checklist to see what types of garden goods show up each year.

Who am I meeting with during appointments?

Most Vendor companies send top level decision makers like Presidents, Vice-Presidents, VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Mangers, etc. to attend the event. You will negotiate some of the best deals of your career and increase your profit margins like never before.  These vendors come to the conference ready to cut deals and have the authority to do so.