Loyalty Discounts

NLGS wants to give back to the companies who have attended throughout the years. by offering a vendor Company Loyalty Discount Program for companies who have consistently attended NLGS.  We sincerely appreciate your loyalty to NLGS and trust our event has increased your company’s presence in the Lawn & Garden Industry.

For vendor companies who have attended the event for at least three years since 1995, NLGS is offering a graduated discount to the current registration fee. The more years that an individual company has attended the event the higher the discount is and the more complimentary services your company will receive.

  • Discounts available until January 1st of the event’s year.
  • Discounts begin after 3 years of attendance and increase as your company continuously attends. Discounts range from at 5% to 25% off current registration fees with select complimentary services included at the 25% level.
  • Companies exhibiting over 15 years with NLGS receive a permanently locked registration fee with priority scheduling options, additional complimentary services and complimentary VIA participation and sponsorship.
  • When your company reaches the 20 year attendance mark, all fees are waived for that year!

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty to the National Lawn & Garden Show. Thank you for helping build a thriving Lawn & Garden Industry.

Please contact our office at 888.316.0226 (USA) or 719.488.0226 (INTL) or email us to find out if your company qualifies for loyalty discounts.


  • Loyalty discounts apply to next year’s event if the company registers by December 31st and a $500 deposit is made to secure your scheduling position.
  • Any early registration discounts will also be deducted from the registration fee when the registration is post marked or web received by close of business December 31st of the year prior to the event.
  • This is a company attendance discount and not a personal attendance discount.
  • Years attended are solely verified by NLGS attendance records.