Our Unique Format

Why Appointments?

Guaranteed, pre-set, scheduled appointments are the specialty of the National Lawn & Garden Show. Our appointment format sets us apart from other trade events. High-volume buyers are matched with quality vendors based on common product interests resulting in thousands of qualified appointments. Buyers have their own personal table – an ‘office away from an office’ – and vendors move from table to table following their pre-set schedule. Each meeting provides a pointed and concise opportunity to make a contact and discover potential new business partners. Our format is more time and cost effective compared to booth-style shows, which provide little to no guarantee that you will meet with or see compatible and interested contacts.

Buyer Vendor Appointments

Who participates?

NLGS appointments are exclusive and offered only to qualified decision-making buyers and vendors in the lawn and garden industry. Vendors must have high volume manufacturing capabilities, possess the ability to distribute nationally, and be prepared to entertain international interest. Buyers are high volume buyers with extensive purchasing authority and each buying company must meet minimum sales volume or store count to qualify and attend.

  • Buying Groups
  • Co-ops
  • E-commerce
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Regional Retail chains
  • Multi-unit independent garden stores
  • Catalogs and Direct Mail companies
  • Department Stores
  • Farm and Fleet Stores
  • Television and Home Shopping
  • Liquidators

How do the appointments work?

How do NLGS appointments work?
  1. Both buyers and vendors select their applicable product/interest categories, This determines how each company is matched with other compatible companies.
  2. Near to the time of the event, vendors review their list of compatible buyers and select all they wish to meet with during the show in pre-scheduled appointments. They can sort their compatible buyers by importance and priority.
  3. NLGS schedules appointments prior to the event through automated appointment software. This ensures buyers and vendors will only meet with companies who share their respective product categories.
  4. Buyers are assigned a conference table for the entirety of the event. Vendors follow their pre-set schedules, going from table to table throughout the day.
  5. Each appointment is 10 minutes long with built in breaks throughout the day.
  6. If a vendor and a buyer wish to meet longer, they can request and/or schedule bonus time.

Point of Purchase Showcase

Garden tools hangingThink of the POP – or Point of Purchase – Showcase as an ‘in house’ Lawn and Garden Center for buyers to view products. It is here where vendors will set up their products as they would be displayed at the consumer point of purchase. Buyers will have access to this area the entire show, where they learn about and assess products as they know them best, in a retail setting. However, there are no booths, cutting  complications and costs with decorating, drayage considerations, and set-up time for the vendors, and excessive space, hassle, and distractions that booths tend to have for buyers.

Instead, we offer a simple POP space—either tabletop or floor—for vendors to display products. Each registered vendor receives a complimentary 2’ x 2’ space (you determine table or floor space). Additional space is available for $100 per 2′ x 2′ space. Products are displayed on tabletop, shelving, pegboard, or freestanding displays as they would be in a retail space. Business cards, informational pamphlets, and tare-sheets are allowed for buyers to take freely. As this is designed to mimic a retail setting, vendors are not present in the area after set-up is complete.

Visit our POP Photo Gallery for an idea of what to expect.