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“I saw many items I would not normally see.” – Ace Home Centers, Mike Formica

“Every Year there are new vendors which makes this event great.” – Al’s Garden Centers,  Juanita Olsen 

“Unlike traditional trade shows the format allows for great interaction between buyers & vendors.” – Arett Sales Corp., Jim Williams

“This is the best format to find new vendor partners and the best use of my time.” – Central Garden Distribution, Kevin Kyer

“Best way to do a tradeshow!” – Debnroo, Andy Mower

“Best use of my time in product sourcing.” – Earl May Seed, Darrell Ross

“Very effective and Productive. Easy to follow-up with vendors of interest.” – Friedman’s Home Centers, Ed Casey

“By far the best format.” – Green Acres Nursery & Supply, Debbie Hartwick

“Much better than the Hardware Show. Well worth the time.” – H.B Davis Seed Co. Inc., Tripp Powell, III  

“My favorite and most productive show of the year. You cannot beat the guaranteed appointment format.” – Picket Fence, Todd Youngman

“I am walking away with products I may have never been exposed to if it was not for NLGS. I have never been to any show that exposes you to so much product in a controlled environment.” – Stine Lumber Co., Randy Morrell

“By far the most enjoyable, worth-the-time-and-money-spent event.” – Tennessee Farmers Co-op, Mark Morton

“ALWAYS a  great productive event!” – V-G Supply, Dave Kobs


“I prefer the meeting format vs. standing in a booth and hoping someone stops in.” – Brad Yount, DeWitt Company

“I always suggest this show to both vendors and buyers.” – Kathy Sponenberg,  Earthbox

“Qualified buyers in one location, at one hotel and one airfare.” – Jim Oxley,  Sterling International, Inc.

“Much more efficient and a better use of time than other events.” – Michael Rahbari, Style Asia

“Speed dating, effective, efficient. More efficient use of time and better ROI.” – Betsy Harrington, Woodstock Chimes


Here are what 2015 Event Attendees had to say about the National Lawn & Garden Show:

“NLGS is the most effective format I know of for both buyers and Vendors” & “No question about this being an event that has a quick ROI.” – Charley Yaw, Charley’s Greenhouse, Buyer

“Good assortment of buyers” & “Organized, professional event.” – Sustainable low Maintenance Grass, LLC, Vendor

“Much for intimate than other tradeshows”, “You get more out of your time with the vendors without crowding or being rushed to see everyone at once” & “The potential to expand product offering is definitely there.” – Sarah Depass, Stark Bro’s Nurseries and Orchards, Buyer

“Great way to get face time with new companies and see new product.” & “Time well spent the last 20 years.” – Dean Darin, English Gardens, Buyer

“Very productive 3 days.” – Bart Fornfeist, L & L Nursery, Buyer

“Easy format to talk to owners and sales managers rather than regional reps.” – Kent Mickelson, Intermountain Farmers, Buyer

“Estimated ROI of attending NLGS is thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.” – Roger Bolger, Petiti Garden Canters, Buyer

“Estimated ROI of attending NLGs is $50,000-$305,000+ with new vendors not including our existing vendors.” – Jim Williams, Arrett, Buyer

“We make long term connections with vendors at NLGS.” – Sonny Murphy, Central Garden Dist., Buyer

“As a buyer it allows us to hear from the vendor and not guess at a booth.” – Stark Bro’s Nursery, Buyer

“Estimated ROI of attending NLGs is $50,000-$75,000.” – Darrell Ross, Earl May, Buyer

“Estimated ROI of attending NLGs is $250,000-$400,000.” – Brandon Bickle, Canadian Tire, Buyer

“I really enjoy the format. This is a great way to learn about new product.” – Aaron Rivera, Al’s Garden Center, Buyer

“[I was] able to meet directly with decision makers”, “Everything is top notch” & “Impressed with everything compared to other shows” – James Hayward, Kness Mfg, Vendor

“Military precision. I was skeptical at first, but the format is brilliant. Everyone is 100% focused”. 5/5 on organization, appointment format, and effectiveness of event. – L Harris, Gardeco, Vendor

“Easy contacts, great, qualified buyer potential!” – Joe Glick, Classic Baluster, Vendor

“We love the format, the cost is low and much for efficient.” – Michelle Miller, Drs. Foster, Buyer

“Found some extremely qualified vendors” & “The event was a blast!” – Channing Miller, Gardenmaster, Buyer