Why Vendors Should Attend

This is an event with guaranteed results! The National Lawn & Garden Show is best described as “speed-dating” for Lawn and Garden products! You are finally the one in control, moving from table to table, presenting your company and products to compatible and decision making buyers.


NLGS is efficient. We organize private, pre-scheduled, face-to-face meetings with buyers who are already interested in your products. You get ten minutes to pitch your product, but more importantly, to start a relationship. NLGS offers a year’s worth of face-to-face interaction in the span of three days. That is efficiency.


With a simple, Point of Purchase product showcase, NLGS offers a relationship driven model. No more hoping buyers stop in your booth, no walk-bys, and no cumbersome booth setup and monitoring. Display your products in a simple, elegant, setting and do the important work in your guaranteed face-to-face meetings.


“Estimated ROI of attending NLGS is $50,000-$305,000+ with new vendors not including our existing vendors.” – Jim Williams, Arrett, Buyer

If a buyer invited you to their office for a face-to-face meeting, how much would you spend to get there?

What about airfare, hotel, and rental car? NLGS can facilitate up to 40 of these meetings in three days. One plane ticket, one hotel, one rental car. What is the return on a private, focused interaction with a new, interested buyer? Assuming your product is a fit for the buyer (your appointments are set based on product category matches) and you have done your homework on pricing, distribution channels, and presentation, it can easily be a meeting that translates to tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

What about forty meetings, with forty interested buyers?

“Estimated ROI of attending NLGS is $250,000-$400,000.” – Brandon Bickle, Canadian Tire, Buyer







Appointment Division
Senior Attendee $ 3895 Includes all scheduled appointments, complimentary food & beverage for one attendee and 1 Point of Purchase (POP) Display slot. Up to 5 additional slots available for purchase. Additional attendees receive access to the appointments and complimentary food & beverage.
Additional Attendee $ 500 each

Point Of Purchase Showcase
2′ x 2′ POP Space One 2′ x 2′ space is included in senior registration fee A maximum of 5 extra 2′ x 2′ POP spaces can be reserved at $100 each. Please specify either tabletop or floor space.

New Product/Prototype Review
1 New Product Entry $250
2 New Product Entry $350 Specify Tabletop or floor space.
3 New Product Entry $450

Vendors in Action (VIA) $750 Access to exclusive, off-site VIA events for up to 2 people from each company. Includes VIA Party, POP sneak preview and complementary Directory Ad
Sponsorships Free – $10,000 Prices and sponsorships vary. Contact NLGS for details.

Directory Ad
Full-Page Directory Ad $ 1,000 FREE with VIA Sponsorship
Half-Page Directory Ad $ 500
Section Divider $ 1,500
Back Cover $ 2,000

Contact Us if you need clarification or have questions regarding the fee schedules.