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Earn more money towards flight reimbursements and hotel expenses while helping NLGS remain the industry’s premier event for sourcing new and unique products. Do you know someone who could do well at NLGS? Buyer or Vendor, provide their business and contact name and contact info here. If a company you refer has never attended NLGS before and they register and attend the next event, we will offer increased kickbacks to you for hotel and travel above and beyond what we already cover. Thank you for helping grow the NLGS family!

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Registration Fee

Includes all scheduling, appointment table, majority of food, beverage and snacks, and special off site VIA event.

Cost: $700.00
Status: WAIVED

Airline Tickets

Cost: up to $400 each/ up to 2 people
Status: Reimbursed*

Buyer Participation Requirement: Buyer Participation Requirement: All buying companies must qualify to attend the event based on NLGS’s qualification requirements. Contact NLGS for details. All Buyer participants must be available for appointments between established event hours each day. Funds are allocated for airfare only and will not be applied towards other items, i.e. hotel, food, etc. Buyers departing early or missing / canceling appointments will forfeit all fees waived / reimbursed and will be billed accordingly.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation: It is requested that you make every attempt to follow through with your commitment to attend as cancellations damage the integrity of the appointment schedule and the credibility of your company and NLGS. In the event of a personal emergency, every effort must be made to send another representative from your company.

*Reimbursement Policy: Buyer attendees must meet the minimum profile requirements as set forth by NLGS. NLGS will reimburse coach class airfare up to $400 per attendee for a maximum of 2 attendees, for buyers attending all appointments. Airfare is not reimbursed for closeout or liquidation companies or for buyers skipping or cancelling appointments. Buyers must submit receipts to NLGS within 30 days of event for full reimbursement. Attendees who leave the conference early or miss scheduled appointments will NOT be eligible for reimbursement. Buyer transportation reimbursements will be based upon the following: if driving, roundtrip mileage only or if flying, an airline ticket price quoted at least 30 days advance purchase of the event from your closest home office departure airport to the closest arrival airport, whichever is least expensive.

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Your confirmation of registration will be sent to you shortly via email, with information on hotel and travel and other relevant information for planning purposes. Your next correspondence with us will take place approximately 60 days prior to the event. In the interim please feel free to call us at 888-316-0226 or 719-488-0226 with any questions you may have.

We thank you again for registering for this year's event.

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